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제목 : [공지] 2017학년도 1학기 김연진 교수님 Writing 2 수강생 대상 공지사항
글쓴이 : EWC 날짜 : 2017.05.23(화) 15:48  조회수 : 442
When you reserve an EWC 1:1 session, please let me know that the session is for Professor Kim's Class. Be prepared and have questions ready due to the limitation of class time.

Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay on the following topic:

Persuasive essay (5 paragraphs) on Volunteer Military Service

Essay Outline
I. Introduction
II. Body 1- Point 1
III. Body 2- Point 2
IV. Counter Arguments
V. Conclusion

Useful Links:

Grammar Help
Help with Introductions
Overall Essay Structure
How to write a persuasive essay
Transitional Words/Phrases

Tip: I would type the paper in MS Word before pasting it into the EWC website. MS Word catches spelling and some grammar mistakes.
Free but limited Grammar Checker

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